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By HarlingDarling

More mandalas

Apparently, I'm going round in circles.

This morning's meditation of nearly 2 hours produced this one anyhow. Based on a true story, using the flowers and fruits I have to hand. I'm so enjoying these! This one was drawn with the famous grey felt pen (the one I had to buy a pack of 6 at Lidl  to get) (and then went and did it again to have two), and then coloured with no less than 4 different sets of pencil crayons. The obsession with exactly they right colour can be a trial at times. But the visceral feeling of delight when the right one is achieved, is worth all the faffing.

In other news shopping for food happened, visitors arriving tomorrow has prompted some actual food planning. Not that you'd notice this evening as we fill our plates with salady things, raw and undressed, and hack into a wheel of brie with some crispy rye bread on the side.

I called in at Erikshjälpen, for my regular second-hand fix. Met my God-daughter Mira in there (getting her fix I presume) and spent a very pleasing half hour showing off our wares to each other, and deciding on the final cut. I showed her the mandalas I've been drawing, as she is very creative and productive herself. We admired each others' choices of stuff, and congratulated ourselves on our excellent taste. These are the sorts of contacts we need to cultivate, in a world that can be so critical and mean - not least to the hoarders rescuers amongst us.

The food shopping isn't exciting to write - or to read - about, but imagine having none available, or having food in the shops and no means to buy any, or being on the move, running from danger and into more uncertainty that you have ever experienced. So I'm very grateful for the abundance of nourishing, tasty food on offer. I am thinking a lot about the people of Afghanistan these days, as the entirely predictable take over by the Taliban is well underway, and the women and girls have most to fear, as per usual.

However, in my corner of the planet the sun is shining, the breezes are mild and helpful, the rain fell in required amounts but no more, and tomorrow we receive the first live-in guests for ages and ages. And the treasure from the second hand shop? (I suspect you are still wondering...) 12 large, octagonal crystals about an inch and a half across. They have one hole drilled in one edge for hanging up. I had to slaughter three extremely ugly matching golden-coloured "lampettes" (of the sort you hang in your window if you are a home-maker of a certain generation) to free them from their golden prisons. This is where all the crystal presents, scattered around the globe, originate!

The extra is for printing out and colouring in and sharing!

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