By JohnW

Silly Coke

What’s so silly about a dented Coke can?
Well to start with it is unopened, and yet completely empty, with no sign of a leak.
The dents came from squeezing it underwater to see where the bubbles came from, and there were NONE.  Mrs W googled it and I tried again under very hot water, which pushed out some of the dents, but still NO leek!?
There is apparently a scientific explanation to do with osmosis through aluminium and the can lining being dissolved by the coke over a period of time.  Heavens, we haven’t had those cans very long, the best before date was only Feb 13, should have lasted much longer.  Just shows how much coke we drink, I have just thrown out a dozen or more cans we had in the cupboard for visitors.
Yesterday I announced our visitor - Biskit on his hols. We went for a good walk around the village this afternoon with Mrs W on her mobility scooter.  Had to take a couple of sit downs for this poor old soul and his legs but we got back ok.  Biskit (at extra) must also have been tired.  He got up on the windowsill to bark at a car, and promptly went to sleep.
Many thanks to DavidC for organising Silly Saturdays, and to Deanna for hosting this month’s SilSAug2021.  Admirer will be smiling down on us.

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