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By HarlingDarling

A flea-market day

So many flea markets today! We began the tour at "Blå Porten" The blue door, where an acquaintance of mine, Birgitta, runs a classy second hand shop. Keith found a copper kettle on three legs for use on an open fire, and 2 large clip frames for me to use. Clever Keith! He usually dislikes flea markets...

The second one was Red Cross, who were having a sale, all clothes and shoes one pound each. I spent £8 and have a fabulous pink cardigan that has been very expensive (£200 sort of expensive), a candyfloss pink linen dress, A-line with pockets, a mustard linen dress that is too tight (drat), a dark red top, a pair of pirate shorts that are a bit tight (sad) a cotton tunic and a pair of Brazilian flip flops! Specially glad about those. Blimey what a deal! I met my God-daughter Mira and her friend Ida in their, I have tipped them off. So nice to see young people getting into the second hand idea. Mira had a heap of lovely ivory, lacy clothes - very stylish. 

At neither place did our keen visitors buy anything. The third place was Erikshjälpen my favourite place, I bought one small pewter bowl which matches the pewter vases I've been giving to friends. After that we set off for the hills, arriving to look at the waterfall at Västanåfallet, which had almost no water in it! But thankfully there was a flea market so all was not lost! We had a walk, but the visitors had aching legs from that massive climb we did the other day. That would be due to them running up and down the hill super fast. I didn't get a single ache the day after!!

We drove to the final flea market and a mooch round the "second hand American car spare parts department". Yes, it really is true. There is a big following for 50s and 60s cars in our area, and people spend massive amounts of money on their cars.

We finally headed off into the wild forested area where almost no-one lives. Dirt roads, trees, lakes, hills, and odd houses here and there. The visitors were fascinated, and we were happy to drive on roads we had never been on before. The blip is a random lake that just happened upon, it had a perfect place for a camper van.... We had a pizza in Kramfors, sitting outside in the bright sunshine.

We noted that it was pretty windy all day, off and on. When we got home the garden had been flattened in places, and my hugest pot of sweet peas had been blown off the deck and rolled over the tallest flowers, squashing a sunflower or three. Good grief! It took a while to stabilise things, before sitting down indoors with a glass of bubbly provided by the guests. Now we are looking at photo-books, and pictures of Västanåfallet in full flow! Here!

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