By tondrijfhamer


Earlier this week I enrolled on a photography course that should take my skills up several levels. (We'll see, I'm very curious to find out).

One of the first assignments is to make a handheld panorama cityscape, during the golden or blue hour, from a high viewpoint with an ISO between 500 and 1000.
The photo I will produce will give the teachers/mentors an indication of my current level of photography. From there, the 1:1 course will get more and more individual. The goal is to get my own 'voice' in photography, and a great portfolio to even get me into galleries. It all sounds maybe a bit grandiose, I know, but the bars for this course (an my goals) are set high, really high.
I'm looking forward to dive into this thing.

The first location that came to my mind was the view from the Forum in Groningen.
Tonight I went there, because the weather circumstances could be perfect. 50% rain and 50% sun was predicted so there should be some drama in the sky no matter what.

Bas and Daan came along this time.
We left at 19.45 and while driving to the city the sky became darker and darker. When we arrived in het parking garage, a thunderstorm started with thunder and lots of lightning.
We walked (ran actually) to the Forum and went up the escalators. But when we were almost at the top, my fears became reality. The roof terrace was just closed because of the thunderstorm.

We waited until the storm cleared and it was dry again, by then it was 21.00 and the suns would set at 21.15, so things could turn out quite good. But it wasn't meant to be. The terrace remained closed.

Without any photo we went back home.
I'll have to give it a try another time.

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