By WharfedaleBex


It's a complex game and as with so many of these contact sports, it has its dangers. 

Competitors must find an opponent (or be found) within three minutes of the starting bell, or be disqualified.  

Ade, not being an active hunter, was doomed from the outset. 

Ambushed, he quickly succumbed to the skilled use of his opponent's rostrum. It was an unprecedented manoeuvre by the larger athlete who coordinated a triple move, throwing Ade (wearing black) right out of the agapanthus oval, flipping him on his back (exposing his neck to the petal) and simultaneously driving his rostrum home.  

For his history-making loss, Ade was awarded flag-bearer status for the Closing Ceremony by Team Aphid but has sustained too many injuries to hold the flag alone. Ase, Afe and Ame will be standing by his stretchered side, united in defeat, and gave us this statement, "Forever the underbugs, we will always value participation and sportsmanship over medals in our superfamily. Many factors make up a great team and we are immensely proud of Ade."

Another magnificent Alternative Olympic Games comes to an end hosted by the wonderful blipper, dbifulco.  Thank you for another year of fun and games!

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