Very wet indeed

We were promised rain all day, and rain all day it did. A lot. And very heavy at times. Everything is very very soggy. As you can see from the state of the "lawn" this has not been the case and lots of the garden is browning up nicely like a toasted something or other. I suppose the garden is singing, but as I have spent 95% of the day indoors I haven't heard it. Most of the battered blooms seem to have survived, although there is a certain amount of lying down snoozing on the job. Poor damp things!

The flea-market clothes are now drying in the cellar after being washed in cold water "as wool" since the washing instructions were missing on some, and the material details were missing on others. You can basically wash everything in cold water by hand, and if there's a gentle wool programme in your machine I think that will work. Mostly. Don't quote me! I haven't any patience with material that can't stand water.

All looked fine, so having done that I scuttled back indoors for my breakfast. It was another rubbishy night of restlessness and disturbed sleep. So why? I know sitting in a car is no good, I need more physical action really. I drank a big cup of coffee and then a little more in the morning - is that to blame? (No coffee today.) Not too much screen time yesterday, much less than a regular day. One glass of bubbly wine. Ho hum. I got up in the middle of the night and read my book for an hour or so, no point flogging a dead horse. 

So today has been very low key and included another of those little lie downs to make me human enough to get dinner ready. Left-overs, we are not talking cooking from scratch! Tasty pasta and sauce, with salad and chutney and a glass or two of water. The rain was torrential at times, (woke me up!) but has now stopped and the world is brighter, but still very soggy indeed. I took the photo just by the front door before more of that scuttling back indoors thingy happened again.

We said a fond fare thee well to Rona and Peter who have now arrived home to Torshälla with a few flea-markets taken in on their way. They took one of my rather special geraniums with them, and I gave them an enormous cotton crochet bedspread, as Rona had been hoping to find one in the various second hand shops but didn't. It's been lovely having them, but at the same time I am relieved to be on my own again, especially when feeling a bit weird. No drawing done today as yet, that will be right after blip. (priorities!) I have some political work to do before Tuesday, so it's a good thing gardening and gallivanting are not on the cards! Definitely not doing that sort of thing this evening.... I will be meditating before bed, and will spend some time on my bed of nails in the hope that this will assist. I have to get this sleeplessness sorted, losing a whole day to feeling weird is not the way to live well. 

There is a lovely expression in Swedish for the way the heavens look right now, "regntunga skyar", rain-heavy skies. Exactly what we have over our heads and all the way down to the ground. Tomorrow will also be rainy, as will Tuesday and Wednesday, so plenty of opportunity for writing, paperwork, cleaning the house etc. Then the sunny skies will reappear and summer life can continue!

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