More sorting

Turned out a nicer day than forecast and is was evening before the heavy rain started, so I managed to get quite a lot done. Started with breakfast whilst I chatted to A then headed to IKEA and the supermarket. Bought some more houseplants and food for the week then home and got stuck into the clearing and sorting in the flat. Loads more laundry to sort all the beds and made them up ready for Mt&H arriving, then sorted the kitchen drawers and those in the new chest of drawers…now safely in place in the hallway.
Made some brownies to take to the office tomorrow then did a humongous pile of ironing. The day disappeared and I didn’t feel quite as weary as yesterday. At least I wasn’t doing the very frustrating DIY that Mt was showing me when I called him….hacksawing steel bars to take a toilet away and re-tiling (but having trouble cutting them!) then fitting a new one. Nightmare!

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