By fairyhedgehog


The woods were lovely today. The recent rain coupled with today's sun brought all the scents out (also left a whole lot of mud but we won't get into that).

There's so much to see on my little ride, and today these cottages didn't have the usual cars parked outside, so I took the opportunity of blipping them. They are much cuter in real life than in the photo. I suppose I should have enlisted a passerby to stand near them to give a sense of scale!

Today we're going to have Virgin back again to do something to our internet. It gets worse and worse - we now have regular seven minute drop-outs. Next step - Sky. Yesterday I gave up on trying to follow a German course because every time I had another look at it, the short video wouldn't load because the internet had gone again.

Still, at least my clarinet doesn't need internet or batteries!

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