Nice day....beautifully sunny and that always makes me feel so much better!
Busy morning of meetings, with a moment in one where talk of 'career defining decisions' had very different impacts on the people in the virtual room and had to be deconstructed and managed later. Sigh!
Lunchtime allowed me a walk down to town for - hold the excitement - an in-person meeting/lunch for a board I'm on. Lovely to see people I've only seen on screen for the last year or so, and especially to catch up with D&L and meet the others that I don't know so well. We had lunch in a hotel I'd not been to before, and it had a great view over the site we were discussing for the project, as well as out towards Fife.
We talked much longer than I'd expected so had to stride out to get home for another meeting...good chat with JJ which rounded off the day.
Caught up on some email then did the last of the ironing and made the beds up before tackling the awful job of sorting insurance and new mortgage deals. Hate dealing with all this stuff (and it takes so long!) but it has to be done!

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