A day in the life

By Shelling

Busy day

All I knew this morning was I was going to Kalmar for a final rehearsal with Bengt for our concert on Sunday. I should have guessed the day was going to be turbulent by looking at the breakfast clouds at half past eight but I just liked the shapes of them.

The rehearsal was fine and afterwards I had a couple of errands to do in town, picking up a note-stand at one of the two music shops and then to have my guitar measured at the other, more specialised shop. The owner could also help me with some guitar-fixing issues as well which was unexpected and good to know for future.

A friend of mine was having a photo vernissage at one of the theatres in town and I was lucky to see him before the actual vernissage, so I had a private show. The theatre celebrates its 50th birthday this year and the photos gave a good view of the ensembles very special way of working, they mix puppets, masks and physical theatre in a very interesting way.

While waiting for my guitar to be fixed I went to the old castle, where there was another photo exhibition, by 'Erik Johansson', a swedish photographer who works with super realism using his own photos and then photoshop to create his ideas. He works with several themes, some images are humorous, others are commenting consumption and climate while others are viewing stages of life, like the extra "End of line", which is a typical photo of his. Do go and see his exhibitions if they are nearby, they are well worth experiencing and his photos tour the world.

At the castle there was suddenly torrential rain and I had to wait for it to nearly stop before I could get out and pick up my guitar. There was showers going on even when we were rehearsing  and I kept thinking I should have brought the cushions from the garden chairs in, before I left this morning. Drat!

On the way home I bought some wind screen wipers because they were clearly not working properly anymore. When passing the bridge to Öland and home, it was still pouring down but a few hundred metres from the shore, the road was suddenly completely dry and when I got home it was clear that we hadn't had a drop of rain all day. As it often is on my island. Rain and thunder on the mainland, dry and sunny on the island.
A full day. 

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