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Sunday girls...

Backblipped 10.08.21

Another early rise :-)

We had a leisurely breakfast.  One of the things that astounds me about these little girls is how unfussy they are about food.  They eat what is put in front of them and if they haven't had it before, they will give it a go.  This stems from Sharon and Lewas determination not to pander to them and to allow them to be fully involved in the preparation of their meals and snacks.  

Lewa bakes with them two or three times a week and they have been raised on Kenyan food as much as European food.  They grow potatoes, carrots, lettuce and other veggies in containers (they recently moved house and have a much bigger garden now and are excited about having a proper veggie patch) so food to them is fun and delicious and nothing to be fussy about.  It's so refreshing.  Of course it's also practical as Sharon's CP also affects her hands, and as she says, it's an effort to make one dinner for all of them far less three different dinners, so she offers them the same choice David'd mum gave him...take it or leave it :-)

After lunch Lewa and the girls went for a walk with David and Lola to Cloan Estate woodland, whilst Sharon and I stayed behind drinking coffee and enjoying a proper catch up.  

When the wanderers returned we had more coffee, this time with cake, and I gave the girls their belated birthday pressies.  A shared gift of a light that reflects stars and planets on their bedroom ceiling, as well as a Vet Kit for Faith and a camera for Anna (and sweets of course :-)  They were both over the moon with their gifts.  Faith immediately set about operating on the little stuffed doggy that came with her Vet Kit, and Anna set about photographing everything that moved!  Great fun :-)

Anna asked if she could help me make dinner and whilst doing that we had our holiday session of playing with snap chat filters.  I've blipped a pretty one rather then the more awful ones!  Anna's laugh is so infectious, the tears of laughter were running down my face by the end as she giggled at the results :-)

The other photo was taken after dinner when the girls were all over David before the disappeared to the hall to help him play the piano.  It was quite a concert!  

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