Iceland day 11 - All good things...

... must come to an end. After our adventure at the volcano of Fagradalsfjall, we drove back to the hotel, where we arrived around 1.15. Buzzing with adrenaline, I looked at the image I just made. Then it was time to pack my stuff and prepare for departure. We had to leave the hotel at 5.00 for our return flight to Amsterdam, meaning I could squeeze in about an hour and a half of sleep after I had finally calmed down.

A long waiting line at Keflavik airport later, we boarded the plane. Before we even took off, I fell asleep and didn't wake up until we were high in the sky. Some more dozing and then we were at Schiphol again. Henk and Yolanda took me home. It was weird to see the flatness of the Dutch landscape again, but it was nice to be home again, where Joey was the most enthusiastic to see me again.

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