LOOK! I got a WORM I got a WORM!!!!!

Nothing like supper down at the lake.... and yes that is a french fry as we call it in the states...

I really like my doctor as she listens to find out where I am coming from first and then works with me on what I am comfortable with. She says the emergency room should have explained things to me much better than they did, but they did the right tests before letting me go. I ended up being poked twice and stabbed once - but am happy it is likely nothing major.

She thinks I got a deep micro tear in the muscle - something easier to do the older we get - if it is deep enough, it won't show a bruise and it is likely  to small to show up on MRI. Also if it is near a nerve - as inflammation sets in - that will cause the pain to go through the roof. All makes sense.

She also check my HbA1c (which was lower than 2 months ago) as a high sugar level can cause issues to.. That was the first poke. The second poke was to test for Hepatitis C. This is a new test they do for everyone getting older as it is now curable if caught early. The stab was because it was past my time for getting the shingles shot.

So good news all around.. I plan to rest tomorrow in case I have a reaction to the vaccine and then the next day I plane to take a very small walk to see how I feel. I probably won't take the vacation that I planned but still take one. I'll just have to wait and see..

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