By SamAgainPlease

TDK did amazing this to my system...

Any Australian who watched and/or recorded TV from the mid-80s to the mid-90s would remember the relentless advertising campaign.

I used to spend hours (and hours and hours) recording and editing a variety of TV shows.  I had entire movies where I edited out all scenes that had dialogue leaving as much as 50% (or more - for example with "Blow-up" or "Fahrenheit 451") of the movie.  I had series of movies (such as the World War II Sherlock Holmes propaganda movies) spliced together into a pastiche of serious scenes that, when seen together, took on a new and comical meaning.  I'd often leave in the exclamations, or the final words, or repeated words (such as all instances of Sherlock shouting "Watson!" or "Look Watson!").  I had a lot of fun doing it and  often as much fun watching them. It was incredibly difficult to get the timing correct with the inferior VHS system but the high end (stereo!) Hitachi recorder I owned had mastered the pause mechanism such that it was very precise.  Thunderbirds was another favourite.  For years it was the only show on Channel 9 Sydney that had no ads and, just as remarkably, very oddly and probably uniquely, it was the only show that started at exactly the same time every week: 6:11am on Saturday.

This pile of tapes is the last of them... I did try to play one or two a couple of years ago but, of course, given the crappy technology and the number of times they'd been paused and recorded, they're pretty well illegible now.

Fun to remember the time we shared (wasted) though, so I decided to have a snap to remember them by.

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