By Ridgeback13


Just before I went to bed last night I saw a wee moose run across the carpet at the back of my TV….oh no! First time in ages…the building work had scared them away but I guess in old tenement buildings they’re bound to reappear. Spent today at home working on stuff and all went slowly but ok until I lost my rag a bit in a meeting this afternoon which left me furious with myself for not just keeping my lip buttoned. I am so fed up with how stilted and limited the online format for meetings is though…..definitely had enough of them now. Such a contrast to an earlier meeting with such a fantastic colleague. I just need to spend more time with people like her and less with these others (possible?)
Anyway, given it’s just rained and looked glum outside most of the day, once I’d finished work I embarked on a massive clean up, including washing the floors with some peppermint oil in the water and dripping it round the edge of the carpets…mice hate the smell apparently so I’m hopeful it will take the hint and go!
Unfortunately as I was just about to switch off the TV and come to bed I saw it again…the little blighter. I expect I’ll have to buy the poison although I hate hurting them….

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