My Year in Pictures

By jenny


A busy morning with my follow up chest x-ray.  And so pleased there's North Cotswolds Hospital on our doorstep. Got there a wee bit early and was all done and leaving the building 5 minutes after my appointment time!

Then into Bourton to get two new tyres on the car*.  Whilst that was being done I thought I'd sample some gelato from a new shop that's recently opened. Slightly melted by the time I snapped it, but golly it was good! Salted caramel and vanilla.

Then a busy afternoon of shoot planning calls.

*Forgot to say in yesterday's blip that when I was about to leave for my shoot, I realised I had a flat tyre! Cue speedy change onto the "take you home" tyre by James and I was a wee bit late but not horribly late to my shoot! And two tyres replaced as the second one was nearing the legal limit!

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