... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Day 2: View From my Doorway

More artsy (Im's word) in large

I've backblipped some of my Day 1 cheerleaders for yesterday's entry...

This is the (inwards?) view from my room; the window looks out over another ward's garden, and some dense trees beyond.
Hard to describe how disorientating and discombobulating this (long? short?) time has been. The people are welcoming and decent, and seem both competent and confident that they can help, which seems a promising place to start even if hope is tempered by doubt, scepticism, and fear(s)...

Im and Mum have both sent me duckule pictures, so they're both (kindly) caring for the duckules and keeping me connected.

p.s. Internet unreliable, and I'm not at all sure of my comings and goings, so expect intermittent engagement here...

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