So it goes

By Alan_Rodger


This is an image of a tag, there is no copyright infringement as I know the tagger so off you pop and get offended by someone else's journal or backblip or whatever.

Turns out someone I know very well has really embraced skating culture and has taken to tagging. This is her tag you can see in the background - she sent the image to us in our Messenger group.

I am not impressed, not a fan of graffiti.

So the £1 million question today with no lifelines was:
 "Will I?"
A. Contact the constabulary and stick her in.
B. Stop her allowance.
C. Express to her with expletives my opinion.
D. Take the easy Blip option and post her photo to my journal.

Yes, you know me, no hesitation in going for D.

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