They arrived just before 1am and we bundled them into bed and unpacked the car then headed to bed quick!
All a bit tired as a result today but had a good time. Started by going to a Fringe show called You Choose which was full of audience participation and shouting out, and they both threw themselves into it and enjoyed themselves. Then headed to the beach as it was looking brighter than we’d expected and had a good walk as the tide was right out. AR loved it and insisted on stripping off and dashing in to jump over the ripples, telling us it was very warm! Higgs was also in his element and loved racing around and greeting all the other dogs. Mx was a bit freaked out by the worm casts and bits of seaweed (but I suspect was just tired) and got moany, so we headed back from the sea and had pizza slices and ice cream sitting on the wall. All delicious, despite the sun having gone and it being pretty windy by then.
Food perked everyone up, and we headed home and had tea and AR did loads of drawing. Can’t believe how well she can draw now. I’d say her ghosts and skeletons (she continues to be obsessed with all things spooky!) we’re better than I could do! Mx watched TV and Mt&H dozed then headed down to town to shop and explore the town in peace whilst I played with the kids. We were going to go to the play park but the rain came on so we gave up on that. We did go out to get some milk etc and saw a huge rainbow, then made their supper and got them to bed early.
We enjoyed a collapsed evening with a takeaway from Tanjore. Delicious!

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