I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday ....

.... munch, munch on those veggies!

I know ... milkweed isn't technically a vegetable.  But don't tell that to this lovely monarch butterfly caterpillar!

As I mentioned last Monday we have several (ok more than several!) monarch cats munching away in our butterfly enclosures.  This just one of many!  And as I write this (Wednesday) we now have four monarch chrysalids as well as the remaining cats .... four of the cats pupated in the last two days.  And three of the remaining cats are getting ready to assume the j-hook position .... done the night before pupating. I've added an extra of the tiniest cat we have right now in our butterfly nursery ... it's no more than 2 cm long. 

Thanks to HOtamer for hosting Tiny Tuesday all this month.  

I've been so incredibly bad these past few weeks here on blipfoto.  I really love the community but I'm struggling trying to stay up to date lately. I spend way too much time taking pictures and not enough time processing and posting them!  If you have the time and inclination ... please have a look at all my backblips .... starting here.  Some of you have already seen some of these as I've posted some over the past few days.  Thank you!

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