Another year ticked off

Yes it’s my birthday, and any plans we had were put on hold because of being in Level 4 lockdown.  However, I’ve had an awesome day just the same.  My blip covers some of it. 
The book from Doug, (which I ordered online) is all that I thought it would be.  Photography and text by a NZ photographer, who has visited this area many times over the years, who over those years has formed lasting and meaningful friendships with the Sherpa’s, in particular one family.  He has taken his three sons to this area tramping the trails when each one reached fifteen years.  I’ve only read a few pages but loving what I’m reading so far, and the photography is stunning.  Since I can’t go to Northern India to see these mountains in the distance as planned this has to be the next best thing. 
As can be seen , a delicious (and huge) cooked breakfast was consumed, along with lunch and dinner prepared by my lovely Doug.  So many phone calls, messages, videos and a special one from Lexi before she went school, telling me she will FaceTime after school. which she and her Mum and Dad have just done. My Wellington family also have spoilt me as have all my friends.  I’m feeling very loved.

From ten Delta community cases yesterday, we have now got twenty one with over 100 places of interest where those people have visited over recent days.

18° today  


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