By schorschi


Very late yesterday evening, Angie took Luna for a walk up to the edge of the village (600m away) to discover that the hail storm had brushed by the outskirts not doing any damage there and no sign that there had been any hail.

This morning at 10 am, I had a look at the area alongside the road where I had been doing the hedge cutting yesterday afternoon. This was a lump of compressed hail stones - 16 hours afterwards!  Good news is I don't need to bother to clear all the hedge clippings, they have been shredded! During the storm, we noticed a car had driven into our drive to seek refuge from the hail under the trees on our drive. Luckily no big branches were knocked down!

Today was spent with my big tractor and the lawn tractor simply "cutting" all the pathways on the property which were under centimetres of shredded leaves.

In the evening took Luna for a deserved cool off in the lakes only to find a huge bucket crane had arrived to rip up our beach! (Extra photo). At the lakes, on the other side of the village,  there was no sign of any damage. But on the way home took a detour past fields of maize & cereal that were on a line with our house & saw what had happened. Many of the maize fields are now of no use and I guess about 50% of the cereals have been knocked off the stems and are lying on the earth and unusable.

Geotag is of the maize field. The hail moved west to east and south of the geotag point - the village untouched. Best seen in Satellite Mode,

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