By schorschi

Grey in Grey

Sky is Grey and most everything else. This year the swimming pool has been somewhat chaotic and underused. We haven't got the solar heating pipes up on the newly roofed shed as some repairs are needed and to add to the misery, the 25-year-old pool pump had given up the ghost. So needed a new one and Angie wanted a good one again.

So she has ordered a deluxe pump & filter unit which is too valuable to leave out in the open and I have therefore decided to order a cheap metal garden shed to put it in. For that it needs a good level base and so have been laying some large 40x40x5cm paving slaps but some of them need to be cut out to accommodate pool piping.

The German government free FFP2 masks given to us OAPs at the turn of the year are coming in useful when they become too unsightly for wearing in shops where they are mandatory in Bavaria - no home-made masks allowed.

Concrete dust gets everywhere! Had to do a selfie as Angie wasn't getting anywhere near me.

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