By Chris_P

‘A Morning Walk into Town’

Had to go into town fairly early this morning. 

On my way back went along Edinburgh’s magnificent Princes Street. Its unique - 3/4 mile long with shops on one side and the Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town on the other.

But today it was rather sad looking - on one block alone I counted at least five shops empty (see extra photos), though several had moved to the brand new shopping centre at St James Quarter. Princes Street definitely isn’t what it was!

Then round past an empty Charlotte Square Garden - sadly missing the Book Festival this year and locked up.

On the north side is Bute House, the official residence of Scotland’s First Minister. 

Today was the day that the Draft Cooperation Agreement between the governing Scottish National Party and the Scottish Greens, a groundbreaking move in the UK and based on the New Zealand model, was to be unveiled.

I found that a cameraman had set up early, ready for a reporter to do a piece to camera….

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