Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Hello Lovely Blippers,

We woke up this morning and heard Hoggy shouting, “Adventure time again!”   I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was going to rain this morning - well according to Mr. HCB and you know how he watches the weather!

We all got dressed quickly and ran downstairs to find Hoggy already walking out of the door of the conservatory.  I could hear the rain pattering on the roof of the conservatory and didn’t have the heart to tell him it might be too wet to have an adventure in the garden, but he obviously had an adventure in mind.  He is much slower than the rest of us, although when he starts running, he is quite fast, so he toddled off towards the sunflowers and carnations.

Before we knew it, he was halfway up one of the sunflower plants - there was no stopping him!  We followed on behind but found the prickles on the stem and leaves quite off-putting.  We think that he climbed higher than the rest of us because he is used to prickles - well you would be if you were a hedgehog, wouldn’t you?  

Snowy managed to get quite a way up and I just about managed to get halfway up the sunflower stem, with Tiny very close behind, but Penny Penguin had quite a job - of course, she is used to sliding over snow and ice and having prickly things sticking in your bottom is not a very pleasant experience, as those who have climbed sunflower plants will know!

By the time Mrs. HCB had got her iPhone and iPad and come out into the garden, we were having great fun - it’s surprising how much you can see from the top of a sunflower plant.  We were very careful though, because we know that Mr. HCB is very proud of his “Vincent’s Mix” sunflowers, all grown from seed by him, and I can assure you that no sunflowers were harmed during our little adventure.  We also had to be very careful because down below were lots of beautiful carnations and some of them are special ones that Mr. HCB only bought this year.  Woe betide anyone who damages one of them, especially the ones that are just beginning to bloom.  

Anyway, all was well and we could hear Hoggy “crowing” and if you are clever, you will know that it means to gloat or to brag about something and he was doing that because he had managed to get to the top of the sunflower plant before anyone else.  Don’t worry though, he will get his comeuppance sometime - braggers always do!

We think that Admirer would be giggling at this shot - and you know that we love doing something every Saturday to make it silly in her memory.  

Take care and have a good week - let’s hope the sun comes out soon.

With love

J H Ted, Tiny, Snowy, Penny Penguin and Hoggy xxxxx

P.S.  Mrs. HCB wanted to tell you all that she is absolutely “thrilled to bits” because the total on her Donations page for her 100 Abstracts Challenge to raise awareness and money for the Mamie Martin Fund, which helps impoverished girls in North Malawi to obtain a good secondary school education now stands at a whopping £1,054.95!!  WOW, what a great result and all because so many of you, lovely Blippers, and many of her other friends have been so generous - mind you, we hope that Mr. HCB will soon learn how to donate online - he has yet to make his donation - there’s always one!!  However, it's not too late if you want to donate - you might even beat Mr. HCB!

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