Shadows in time

By cairistiona

Store room

This photo wasn't taken to blip. It was taken to show my daughter that giant roll of bubble wrap. We currently have an ongoing joke about bubble wrap, ever since she asked me to buy some to help package her stuff to ship to Canada. So I bought some, and she - thinking I might forget - also bought some. And when we opened our cupboard under the stairs at home to put it away, we found we already had 2 rolls in there. To make it worse, when we packed her box, we ended up not using any bubble wrap.

So when I saw this rather large roll of bubble wrap in the store room at work, I took this to send to her. 'Need any bubble wrap?

I'm posting this on Saturday morning. Last night I couldn't decide what to post as I didn't like any of the photos I'd taken to blip. However, my internal editor wouldn't let me post this one. So I thought sod it, I won't blip today, and went to sleep. This morning, I think my internal editor may still be asleep. The stock room & bubble wrap get to be a shadow in time after all.

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