Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

My Bad

The Husband says, as he says about lots of things, "I blame you." And in this instance, he's spot on. I can't seem to stop putting out birdseed. No peanuts - just a few handfuls of sunflower seeds a few times a day. Because, you know, the birds come and shout at me if I don't! And I like seeing the birds up close. And...

Anyway - we have two young bears - born in the late winter of 2020 in all likelihood - who come by on a sort of rotating basis (not together). Every week to ten days we get a visit. One of them is the slightly mangy one, the other is this guy who is very healthy and furry looking. They're approximately the same size though. They both go straight up the tree when Bugsy shoots out the dog door to chase them. And then we get Bugsy back inside and wait for them to come down and move away from the tree so that when we shout at them they run away instead of back up the tree. They really are very appealing, but...

In any case - it was cute the way this guy kept peeking around the trunk of the tree at me.

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