Up, Up & Away

The village youth had a two- day disco in a disused quarry pit a few hundred metres from our house on Friday & Saturday, so we heard it all night until 6am each morning,

Can't say I blame them, or rather not sure that I as a teenager or under 30 would have been able to put up with the last two years. However, the Covid-19 numbers are rising fast in our area and Germany and are higher than in August 2020. The fourth wave has now started!

The photo is of their DJ unit parked up back in the village, sadly with the large sign clapped down. I do like the work they put into these things, I think this was probably their 2021 Carnival float which didn't get to make an appearance.

Extra photo: Was only thinking yesterday it was strange not seeing any hot air balloons the last two years! My son has one in the UK and would be nice to think the prevailing Westerly winds would bring him over!
I guess socially-distancing is a bit difficult in a balloon. In the small icon, the balloon looks like a heart.

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