Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

The state of the world.

We live in troubled time. But I guess that it has always been thus. From the mid-1950s the role of the Royal Observation Corps (ROC) was to monitor nuclear bomb explosions and the drift of fallout in the event of war with the USSR.  To facilitate this, 875  underground monitoring posts were built throughout the UK. Some remained operational as recently as 199.The photograph shows the remains of post situated on the cliff tops above Port Erroll a few miles north of home.
The monitoring post was entered down a steel ladder in a 15 foot deep shaft. In the underground bunker three observers used surface probes to detect the direction and power of bomb bursts. These measurements were then reported to Group HQ bunkers where the position of the burst was determined by triangulation.

Extra. A less than salubrious corner of  Peterhead harbour.

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