My special moments

By pkln

Street scene......

.......tribute to the former street musician of our town

Thanks a lot Carolina for hosting the Mono Monday challenge.

This afternoon when I walked in our town center I was quite in shock when I saw this tribute to our street musician near the spot where he almost always was standing and singing and playing his guitar.
I even blipped him once.
He has died about a month ago.
Because we weren't at home we unfortunately didn't know this.
I'm wondering what happened to him, we all will miss him though.

Hope you all are doing well, thanks a lot for your support and kindness, most appreciated!
I had to take a break from Blip, but glad I have some more energy at the moment.
I won't post a Blip image every day at the moment, but of course I will look at your images 
and sprinkle stars and hearts whenever possible.
Take care, love you all. XX

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