Hale walk

Went to Hale to do an adventure lab cache which I've been intending to do for a while. I needed decent weather for the walk as a lot of it is very exposed.
Had a fabulous walk through the village, down withins Way to Hale Ford and then along the coast to Hale Head Lighthouse.
While near to the lighthouse I heard what sounded exactly like an air raid siren and was wondering if I should dive for cover!
I asked lots of people of they knew what iot was and nobody did although a young lady suggested it might be the end of the wrold ha ha.
I googled it at home and apparently it's a weekly test, Mondays at 1pm by Ineos - presuming they use it properly if they have a chemical incident.
Spent a little time near to the lighthouse before heading up Lighthouse Road and back throught the village to my car in Hale Park (free parking). 
I intended having a brew but an ice cream van was parked right next to my car so I had an ice cream cornet for lunch and the brew from my flask came later after a walk in the woods to the last stage of the cache (an old ice house). I saved the woodland walk to the end as it promised to be the easiest. Out in the sunlight it was hot and humid and on the coastal walk stretch my UV brolly was very handy. 

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