Sheep and rain - it must be Wales

It took me 13 hours from leaving the bright lights of Philadelphia to reach the dull gleam of Fishguard on a rainy night. After travelling by plane, three trains and a bus, I was met by a son at the end of the lane. As we trundled my wheelybag through the puddles and potholes of the final lap we met the farmer on his quad bike bringing in two ewes and a newborn lamb. The lamb was a twin, born safely, but the other twin could not be delivered and the vet's assistance was needed. (I don't know what was the matter with the other sheep. This is terrible weather for lambing.)

My sons, who had looked after the house and the animals during my three week absence, gave me a warm welcome. The fire was lit, supper was cooking and all the animals were well. How fortunate I am!

Apologies for the dearth of comments - I shall try to catch up.

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