T. Tiger and Friends Party on the Fallen Tree!

We had a tree fall on our property at 5 a.m. on Friday morning. It was just the latest in a series of tree disasters. Our last tree fall was about five months ago. I am starting to feel like Bonnie Bedelia at the end of Die Hard 2: "Why does this keep happening to us?"

When you are in the middle of a disaster on your property, it is really hard to think of or focus on pretty much anything else. So we talk a lot about TREES. "So is it MY turn today to be grumpy? Or am I supposed to be the encouraging, upbeat one today?" my husband asked.

On Sunday afternoon, we made phone contact with the guy who will be taking down our tree. He came by Sunday night on his way home from the Grange Fair to have a look around and provide an estimate. He was just getting back from vacation, but he said he would likely do it Monday or Tuesday. Monday morning, we touched base and decided Tuesday would be the day.

So, with all of this in mind, Monday was to be the tree's final day of hanging out on our deck and roof. T. Tiger, who is ALWAYS one to make lemonade out of every lemon he's dealt, decided to host a party on the fallen tree!

When my husband and I go backpacking, T. Tiger and his friends Alex the Alligator and Little Bear like to hang out on nearby tree branches and on our tents. T. Tiger figured that sitting on this tree would remind them all of that! And so it was that the three fast friends had a fabulous time playing on the tree.

Other creatures in our yard have taken a liking to the tree, as well. The squirrel ran up and down it like it was the Daytona 500 the other day. A catbird sat on it, proudly: wow, what a great tree! A chipmunk scooted down the tree and pole vaulted off of it.

A male cardinal came by and ate his lunch of a fine fat green caterpillar (not a monarch one!) and admired the tree. Basically, they all love the tree and they think it should stay! Alas, I shall have to have a serious conversation with them, as they will miss it lots!

And now, let's say our final farewells to this tree!

The song for a party for friends is this one: the Beach Boys, with Fun, Fun, Fun!

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