View from the croft gate

By Croftcrafts


Only one lily grew in one of the other containers and it is huge. Just a pity the other two didn't grow.
A misty morning but the mist soon burnt off and we had a lovely day. Too hot for me.
I don't know what kind of timetable the pupils in the school have as groups of them pass the window all day. A large group of the were playing on the swing and the language wasn't too nice. When they left the play park had loads of crisp papers that they had left behind.
This was my first day to pick Magnus up from the nursery. He was naughty today and had caused a flood in the toilets. Paper and bits of plastic put down the toilet had flooded it so much so they had to get someone in to clean it.
He walked to Mummy's house pushing my three wheeler. It was very warm and was glad when we reached the house and had an ice-cream to cool us down.

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