Slugging it

The weather has been a bit mixed today with some rain this morning which is typical as it wasn't forecast and I put some washing out last night so that it would start drying 1st thing but I was wrong it was wetter. I left it out and thankfully all was dry upon my return home from work apart from 1 thick hoodie .
After work I picked Julie up from Tesco helped put the shopping away then a trip to visit Mum as Wigan play tomorrow night so will be watching that on TV . A lot quicker and easier journey this week as I was able to go over the freshly repaired Bridge . I spotted this slimy horrible slug that was going along the footpath . Not the most photogenic of shots but I only took a small handful of shots and wasn't happy with them at all so the best of a bad bunch 
Back home now chilling and watching some T20 cricket 

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