By TheOttawacker

Oooh. Must do a blip

So, I was sat there, ostensibly watching the football, but also realizing I had a million things to do for work. And, of course, when you think of work, your mind begins to wander (or, at least, mine does). And then I remembered I hadn't blipped for a while or taken a photo to use for today's blip.

My blipping, by the way, has become really sporadic. I think it is because my life is going through one of those phases where very little is happening. This is fantastic to look back on when you are going through a troubled spell, but when looking for inspiration has quite a stultifying effect. I really must do better. I remember when Raheny_Eye bullied me into joining, with claims of "it only takes a few seconds per day"... 

Anyway, I decided to take the photo just at the very second Liverpool were scoring. So I only saw it through the lens of a camera (which is what most football fans do these days anyway) and missed the first piece of excitement I had had for a couple of days. Wonder what Alanis Morissette would make of it?

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