"Carry on Lopping"!

extensive use of the Lopper again today, plus secateurs, hedge trimmer and even my jigsaw for the thicker bits.
The trellis fence, and the hedge, is 25 years old. It had really gone a bit wild and we decided we need to cut it all back to make it easier in our advancing years. I still feel very fit and capable for now but I'll be 73 in November.
The vast majority of this hedge is Pyracantha. I'm usually left bleeding all down my arms, sometimes my face, when dealing with it but today I was wearing long sleeves so got away with it. A trip to the recycling centre, back of the car was crammed plus a LARGE garden back in the passenger seat. 
Top and bottom are before, and after, respectively. The Extra is the task in hand for coming days, possibly weeks!

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