Power Plug?

This morning when I went into the office my home server wasn't talking to the Internet. It's not a big issue as I don't need it when I'm at work but it meant I didn't have an email telling me how my train to work was running (sent automatically about 1 minute before I go into the office).

When I got home after work I figured out why. The jack in the router in the living room is a little lose at the Ethernet plug had come out. I think a blob of Blu-Tack will be in order after I've posted here.

In honour of the failed connection I've posted a close up of an 8P8C plug that is often erroneously described as an RJ45. For the curious the cable is an old EIA/TIA-568A stanadard CAT-5 cable, not much use for modern networks where everything requires CAT-6 but good enough to blip and have spare.

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