By suehutton

A Posy from the Flower Lady

It's been waiting since Friday to have its portrait taken. I managed it today.

Today, I also fulfilled a project that I've promised for years, the completion of the book of Basil the Supermodel - and Friends.  I'd bid successfully for a voucher for a Saal prestige photobook. It was a good thing that I had already started preparing the photos.

Basil has been coming with me to Michael Lau Photography workshops since 2015. He's posed with many lovely models. I hope to be able to show you the cover once the book arrives.

I've been preparing for my buzzard shoot tomorrow. I still have to load up the massive lens I'm going to use on the tripod. I won't be transporting it that way but I have to be sure I've remembered what to do.

Sandy came for a headshot session. It's amazing how many photos you can take and how few can be successful. I hope the ones I chose will be suitable for her.

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