By SamAgainPlease

A pinch and punch for the first of the month...

Today was not what I expected.  I thought I'd be spending the first couple of hours reviewing our son's final Design Technology assignment but wound up spending most of the day on it.  It's not that I reworked it or anything (not our parenting style and beyond my ken anyway) it's just that it was HUGE and very technical.  My job was simply to proof read it looking for sentences that didn't make sense etc and to help with formatting.  Again, most of it made sense (as much as I could expect) so little or no suggestions but it was just so dense.

I finished at about... well 4:30 (as can be assumed from this blip).

His assignment (major work for the 2 year subject I guess you could say) was to document the building of something.  He's built himself a desk which will be moved into his room at some point - COVID permitting I guess.

He does many small electrical jobs and jobs that require him to pour resin in his relatively dust free room (dare I say it "What's he building in there?!?").  The new desk allows for the attachment of various devices  such as lights, soldering irons, "third hand" clamp thingies (which are soon to be fitted with 3D printed locking widgets) and storing of task specific tools.

I certainly know a lot more about the desk now than I did yesterday.

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