Becoming gardeners….

Or trying at least.

We had a “lawn guy” come to help with the creeping oxalis that is growing in the garden. At first we thought it was clover, but it isn’t. And Anthony knows exactly what to do with it. He sprayed the yard and the front yard too, and hopefully with regular professional maintenance, we’ll get on top of the weed problem.

We were given specific instructions to water the lawns later on in the day to help the treatment soak to the roots.

Sister-in-law Jenny came for a visit first thing in the morning, before going off to her work. It was such a lovely thing to do and I love that we are now so close that she can just drop in. Look forward to lots more.

The family have made plans for Father’s Day, which is this Sunday, Sept 5th and have invited us to join. How nice.

We are now officially in spring in Australia … wonder how long before I get used to these upside down seasons.

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