Yes, after 3 days of flying I finally got to squeeze in a signature wing and sunrise photos ;-)

Madness, this week I have been on planes Tues/Wed/Thurs. Today was the 6.45 to Wellington. I arrived at worked at the airport for a few hours on the presentation I am here to give this afternoon.

Then at 10.30 I met my Mum and her friend who have come down from Auckland to see the Monet exhibition. We all grabbed a cab and went to Te Papa, and a 45 minute wait to get in to see a few old paintings ...

Anyway, I waited and got my ticket, but had to shoot off to a client meeting, then off to my the presentation that went well, then back to have another look at the paintings, then to the airport and home.

Man, this is getting crazy. The things we do for work eh ...

Monet. Was it good? I suppose so, I am not much of an older art aficionado ... It did find it amazing that it's all so recent, 1860ish thru to 1920ish. Amazing, I would have guessed WAY earlier. How our art tastes have changed since then - simply incredible.

Oh yep, just back blipped the last couple of days as you do.

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