By acula

A summer story

Pedro and I were sitting in this bar having something cool to fight the heat. It was a quiet morning and we were enjoying the quiet street and the shade of the umbrellas.

I had noticed that in a delicatessen across the street a man was very carefully slicing an Iberian ham with a large knife and he looked like an expert. I just admired his abilities. In fact, he was working on the shop window, so that he could see people passing by on the pavement and passers-by could see him too.

Suddenly I saw this man leaving the shop and crossing the street with some slices of ham on waxed paper. He was coming to our table. I thought it was some kind of ham tasting or shop advertisement for him.

He walked over and addressed Pedro. - I have seen you from my shop, and I wanted to thank you for all your help during the time that I was an evening student at Padre Manjón High School. You helped me with mathematics and I was able to get my high school certificate and I was able to get a job, and now I have this shop. Thanks again for your kindness. This ham is just a gift.
Pedro said - Thank you, but I don't recognize you. Can you take off your mask, please? And so he did, but he could not recognise him. Anyway it is difficult to recognize a person after 15 or more years.
We thanked him and he left us saying: I'm glad you look so well.

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