By SamAgainPlease

Kitchen #3

Maybe I should do 11 kitchen shots in a row!

It's my big sister's birthday tomorrow and Fathers' Day this Sunday.  Tomorrow is also what has become the regular lockdown Saturday Zoom Sydney Morning Herald quiz family meet up so we're celebrating both events then.  My (responsible) big sister dropped off goodies for us to eat while online.  Should be fun.

I was brought up to believe that Fathers' Day was a crock and Mothers' Day was every day.  Now that I'm a father myself it feels no different.  It was fun when my little boy was.... little and we played like you do when you're either little or the adult lucky enough to have such things on your life.  I also happen to be one of those people who is very very hard to buy for and, lately, more and more wanting to minimise waste so... I happily  and courteously accept gifts but I'm just as happy to not get any.

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