By annemcurtis


About 2 or even 3 years ago I bought a cheap batch of three different types of Honeysuckle. They have been hanging about in small pots ever since, but this one has been planted and it has a beautiful perfume (which is why I bought it ) Now I'm beginning to see its beauty (although you wouldn't think it by this photograph which is not working (for me anyway) Actually there are two types in this photo as two of the types that I have are flowering and the composition didn't work and it isn't even working now. I have the labels and eventually I will know what they are all are and they flower at different times of the year which is what I wanted as there is nothing like a lovely smell to get to your basic brain..........the limbic system. and have a great experience..........This is where your emotions reside and all of the limbic system connects (probably) to every creature. Humans use logic and that's where I thought I would be but now I have gone limbic (if you see what I am saying !!!

I had a great "time out" with Ann. She really cared for me and I didn't have to do a thing. That helped me so so much and it was like a mini holiday for me. I would normally be doing the caring/ working. I have done a lifetime of it.....especially for my family, my husband, my children, my parents (although today I felt that I had been too selfish and not as good as I could have been for my parents........a  bit late to think of my mistakes but that is what happens or might happen............Life just repeats itself. I see that very clearly now that I am going through the same stuff as my parents did. I now have that experience but my children dont know how bad this is. I forgive them of course.

I've never thought that life was tough until now really. I have been spoiled actually as things have gone so smoothly (apart for giant blips of serious illnesses excuse the pun and cant go into that now) My life with Alan only had little ups and downs but we had a fabulous relationship and family, I'm proud to say, and lucky but luck has run out now but I do hope that it will come back in whatever form it can.......
Fingers and toes crossed........That is the new Mantra instead of praying which is the old Mantra

Thank you Blippers and my lovely Facebook friends which I will be sharing this with as well as the full public ( they can if they want......I have nothing to hide)

Oh BTW I'm having chicken livers with mushrooms, onions and peppers.
Have to cut down on the carbs after Ann has fed me too many delicious things.

Lots of love guys and hope to look at what catches my eye tonight

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