Here and Now

By Mole

The Wine Spot

Thanks for all the feedback on yesterday’s roses!

The five of us enjoyed an excellent Turkish meal outside on a perfect night at Anatolia’s. What a fantastic time we all had! We always appreciate time together, but even more after L’s recent open heart surgery and other concerns amongst us.

After the appetizers were placed on the table, and before the wine flowed, almost an entire bottle of red wine tipped and spilled on R’s shirt and khaki pants. It looked as though he’d been shot. The waiter rinsed the shirt in club soda and hung it on the gate to dry. Fortunately, R had a jacket he could wear in the meantime. On the way to the parking lot, we passed a little shop called The Wine Spot. We laughed, as R was a walking advertisement for it. We were skeptical, but R and I were successful in getting the wine stains out. We laundered his clothes back to spotless.

Earlier in the day, I heard that R totally mesmerized Chester while practicing his violin. I missed it while I was swimming. Next time….

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