By SamAgainPlease

Escalator to Astrazeneca

Went for my second jab today... and then worked a lot.  This was taken, from knee height, as I ascended.

I have also been amusing myself looking for the next car we will buy as our current one is getting long in the tooth and the plan is to sell it to our son.  The process is actually a bit demoralising.  I was hoping to buy an electric car (not hybrid) but, as far as I can see, the "break even" point financially is well over 10 years so, despite our best intentions (sorry planet).  We drive to Canberra (300+ kms) once or twice a year so we need an EV with more than the limited range most reasonably priced ones have. Most of the cheaper ones would only just make it so there's a risk we would not.  We can buy a pretty decent fairly economical dog friendly petrol car for about $35k and the most sensible, suitable EV starts at $70k.  We have no subsidies and little encouragement to move away from petrol at the moment.

Our current government is a coal-loving climate-change-sceptical affair (don't start me on any more detail or I'll start offending Christians of certain persuasions too - I probably just have).  Sad to live with such a backward narrow minded government.  The one saving grace about "the powers that be" of Australia at the moment is that even some major corporations, include power producers, are acknowledging that it's not financially sensible to stay on the path we're on here.  That at least gives me some hope.

Three years time it could be all different.  Not because of a change of government, although that may happen - there'll just be move EVs in the country and cheaper batteries etc etc.  Who knows though, the price of petrol may fall which will just make it worse.

In writing this I'm beginning to think we might just have to bite the bullet and fork out the money....

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