Tractor Factory Photos

By TractorFactoryPhotos

First in a while...

A nicely placed magpie on sign silhouette prompted the photo but it also gives me a chance to put the placeholder in this digital diary for the first day back at the office.

It's a bit familiar and a bit weird standing at this bus stop waiting to do what was just a part of life 18 months ago.  I've probably gotten here way too early hence the couple of minutes reflection.

Its kind of odd as there was all the talk about getting back to normalcy as we knew it but the world is settling into new strides where it all is going to be slightly different from pre-pandemic, somethings good, some not so.

This going to the office is not something I've found too many pluses with but that's a personal thing. I found home office working an easy fit and still to be convinced as to benefits of old style working and commuting.

Might cycle I'm tomorrow.  There's a benefit....for me... doesn't benefit the company me, spending an hour in the saddle then sleeping at my desk

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