By dfb24


...it's official. She wore the "birthday crown" at school, and when she got home, her mama had decorated the dining room in honor of the occasion. I was supposed to go over once my son-in-law got home from work, & I asked Tom if he wanted to come along. He usually doesn't, but he wanted to see her blow out her candles so he surprised me and said he'd come with me. He had an appointment with his doctor earlier today & the dr. said what we had already suspected--that the pill he's on isn't working anymore. He's lost a little more weight and he gets tired so easily. There's a clinical trial the Dr. would like Tom to try, but they only take so many people at a time and Tom is third on the list. The Dr. thinks if he can keep Tom stable for two or three weeks he'll be able to get him on the trial. There's another option if he can't start the clinical trial, but it will be a lot harder on Tom; 5 days of chemo & 10 days of an injection, I think every month--I forgot to ask about the exact time frame. Not easy news to hear, even though we knew it was coming. At least he had some distraction for awhile, as Mae was singing for us with her new microphone. :)

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