T. Tiger and the Last Cat Treat

I walk several miles each day. Apparently, I've been walking the soles right off my shoes, as I experienced a major shoe malfunction at Whipple Dam the day before. It was time for my morning walk, but I had to pick a new pair of shoes. The extra shoes for hiking were always kept in our cat Dexter's room, but Dexter died last October. The shoes are still there but the cat is gone. We've been missing him something fierce.

Anyway, I selected this pair of New Balance shoes, and I put them on and went walking. But shortly, I felt something small and annoying at the back of my left foot. I didn't feel like taking my shoes off during my walk, so I waited till I got home.

And when I walked inside the door, I sat on the steps and took the shoe off, and what did T. Tiger and I discover but a lone CAT TREAT!!! Yes, it was left from when Dexter was here. My husband used to run the cat all over the house in the evenings, tossing him treats. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw it, but let's choose laughter this time, OK? Hello, Dexter! We miss you and it's good to hear from you!

In other news, my husband's buddy Keith (no last name that we know of) came by to get most of the rest of the wood from the tree that fell. There were big tree chunks that we rolled down the hill. (I wished for a splash dam, really I did!)

And there were smaller chunks of wood that we put in a wheel barrow to wheel over to his buddy's truck. By day's end, my shoulders and back were sore, but things are looking much more back to normal, now that most of the fallen tree is gone!

My soundtrack song is not for this photo but for the tree. For what do you do with a tree that falls, when you don't burn wood yourself? You give it away!!!! The soundtrack song is this one: Jamey Johnson & Lee Ann Womack, with Give It Away.

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